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Friends of Hillside Meeting                                  

15th May 2017 7pm White Lion

Present: Katie Martin, Onye Chigbu, Liz Wilson, Sally Mozeley, Liz Earps, Anja Moon, Miss Jagota,

1. Apologies: Mr Khan, Steve Jones,

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Katie agreed as an accurate record.

3. Matters Arising from the Minutes

None discussed

4. Uniform sale

* Profit approx £40.00

* It was discussed whether to continue holding the uniform sales and it was agreed that we would have a second hand/remaining new stock rail and table at the fairs. It was also agreed to have a “donation station” at the same time to help restock. It was suggested to put a request to year 6 parents for donations in July.

.5. Disco 18th May

* Katie stated that all was in hand. We have enough helpers for both discos and Katie will reply to recent offers of help on facebook.

* Sally to help sell T-towels and glow sticks.

6. Summer fair Friday 30th June 6-8pm

a. Matchfunding – Katie outlined the Scheme offered by Barclays bank. To maximise Barclays contribution, tokens will be bought on entrance and then used at all stalls. It was decided that each token would be worth 50p and we would need to purchase 4000 tokens for the fair. They are priced at £40 for 1000 tokens. It was suggested that a ‘token station’ in the KS1 playground would be useful so that people can purchase additional tokens during the fair.

ACTION: Katie to source tokens, Sally to design poster to help promote new token system.

b. Stall list, layout and costs – To be confirmed nearer the date. Entrance to fair decided at £2 per family. Cowards order completed, beer heroes booked, bouncy castle booked, coconut shy needs more coconuts than last year. ? popcorn stall run by us rather than outside business.

ACTION: Katie to investigate borrowing or hiring popcorn machine

c. Alcohol license – we have one

d. Programme - Amy has kindly agreed to design a programme and Andy is able to help with the printing. Hillside choir and band confirmed. Helsby High band confirmed.

ACTION – Liz W to confirm dance group performance

e. Letter to parents – Letter re helpers on the day and non-uniform days to be sent out first week back after Whit holiday.

ACTION: Liz W to do letter and ask Fleur to distribute

f. Buying supplies – Await stall list

g. Donations and sponsorships –

ACTION: Liz W to do letters to regional businesses for entrance tickets etc. Katie to source local donations/sponsorships.

h. Risk assessment –

ACTION: Liz W to complete and ask Mr Richardson to check and sign.

i. Voting for projects – It was decided not to this at the fair this year as the majority of FOH money has been allocated for spending in other projects.

There was a discussion re decision making on how the money FOH raise is spent and how to involve more parents and not just those who attend FOH meetings.

ACTION: Sally to devise questionnaire for parents and to ask children via school councillors meeting.

7. Refreshments at summer term events -

a. Music concert 13/6/17 – Jacky has asked if FOH would like to serve refreshments.

ACTION: Katie to ask the Morleys if available.

b. Sports Days – Yes

c.The Wonder project - 12th-14th July from 2pm. Plan to serve Pimms ? Ice cream van.

ACTION: Katie to speak with Pip re Pimms and Steve J re ice cream van and to request for volunteers via facebook.

8. Grant bids – Unsuccessful in grant bid, but to be resubmitted. Sally thinks there is another one later in year.

ACTION: Miss Jagota to check with Mr R.

9. School calendar –Mrs Potts nearly finished photos – two more to do. Plan to stick with similar format and order 100 calendars. Sally kindly agreed to organise ordering etc.

10. Sale of T-towels , bags and calendars – To sell t-towels at disco and all items at summer fair.

11. New parents eve. - Wed 24th May 6pm. Leaflet done, Katie to attend. Business cards about Easy Fundraising in packs.

12. AOB a. Leavers hoodies: Liz W confirmed that no yr 6 parent is organising already. Company chosen by Davina and costings considered. Differing views re cost of hoodies and potential number of sales expressed but agreed to go ahead and sell at £20.00. Andy has agreed to organise.

ACTION: Liz W to do letter and liaise with Davina and Andy

b. Clothes Aid – we need a text reminder out for parents. ? Katie to do.

c.Committee roles for next year – Iti s likely that there will be some positions to fill. Plan to discusss after summer fair.

d.Parents eves – Anja suggested using parent evenings as an opportunity to serve refreshments and promote FOH.

e. Gazebos – Miss Jagota asked if FOH would fund the purchase of 2 gazebos. This was agreed and Mr R will arrange.

13. Next mtg Monday 12th June 7pm in the White Lion, Alvanley.

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