Newsletter 13th May 2019

Weekly Newsletter

13th May 2019

Go Green for Clatterbridge!

Please remember that Mr Richardson has volunteered to be in the stocks this Friday morning and have mushy peas poured over him!  He will be ‘locked in’ from around 8.45am and each class will be timetabled during the morning!  All monies raised will go towards the Clatterbridge Cancer Charity and the new Liverpool Cancer Hospital.  Thank you very much for your support for this very worthy cause!  Thanks also to our catering providers, Edsential and to Tescos for donating the mushy peas!

Choo Choo Helsby!

The school choir and school band are performing at ‘Choo Choo Helsby’ this Sunday at 2.45pm.  We hope they enjoy their day!  Well done to everyone for making a positive contribution to your community!

Year 1 parent workshops

We hope that Y1 parents are able to attend the phonics workshop (Thursday 16th May, 2.15pm) and the reasoning workshop (Friday 17th May, 2.15pm) this week and that they are useful and informative.  Parents from other year groups have reported very positively on them.

Poetry Recital Competition – Grand Final

Reminder: It is the final of our latest poetry recital competition next Monday at 10.15am in the hall.  Parents are most welcome to join us for this.  Winners from each class will share their poems before staff award prizes for the best speaking and listening.  Good luck to everyone and thank you to all the children who have taken part.  Well done!

Advance notice – polling station

The R and Y1 building/playground will be used as a polling station again on Thursday 23rd May for the European elections. Access at the start and end of the school day, for all pupils will be through the KS2/visitor entrance on Bates Lane including collection from after school clubs. 


Thank you so much for all the effort going in to making Eco-bricks.  Well done!  It is certainly amazing how much plastic goes in to one bottle!  We are experiencing some problems in making sure the bottles are packed well enough so please follow these tips:-

  1. Shred/cut up large pieces of plastic
  2. Use a wooden spoon/screwdriver/long stick to push the pieces of wrapper and plastic well down
  3. Keep pushing in more plastic even when it seems full
  4. Test your ‘brick’ by standing on it – it should be hard and not give at all. 

Thanks again for all your help – we are certainly reducing the amount of plastic going in Helsby’s bins!

Animated storytelling club at Frodsham library

The animated storytelling club (it’s suitable for 7 to 14 year olds) is on every Friday (during term time) at 4-5pm. The club is completely free and if you don’t have a device we do have a few tablets that can be use on the day.  Otherwise you should bring your own tablet, and then you will also able to view your creation at home.


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