Values and Ethos

‘Learn, Laugh and Play’

At Helsby Hillside Primary School, our overall aim is to create a community in which each child can learn in a safe and secure environment, have fun and achieve his or her potential. Through the experiences and opportunities we provide and the expectations we hold, we will encourage all to do their best within a happy, secure, supportive atmosphere. We place great value on the quality of relationships within our school community and feel that such relationships lead to positive attitudes to life and learning.

We also aim to provide an environment in which each member of our community can acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities they need in order that they may take their place in the wider society.

We aim:

  1. to create a unique, happy, vibrant and caring community at Hillside.
  2. to create an atmosphere in which people show respect for themselves and  others, property and the environment. Honesty, good manners, trustworthiness and integrity are highly valued
  3. to provide an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum that enables all pupils to achieve their full potential.
  4. to develop close links with parents, carers and families of our children and the wider community.

Children's aims

At Helsby Hillside Primary School we:

  • help and encourage our friends

  • laugh with others, not at them

  • make everyone welcome, especially new children and visitors to our school

  • are kind, helpful and supportive to others

  • do not drop litter

  • follow the school rules

  • feel safe

  • play with children who may feel left out and try and cheer people up who are sad

  • celebrate that we are all different

  • do not call people names or make fun of them

  • make sure that there is no bullying
  • look forward to coming to school
  • are creative
  • listen carefully and try our best all the time, especially in lessons
  • learn new things and get better at reading, writing and maths and use this to help us in other subjects
  • enjoy sports, music and extra-curricular activities

By all of the children of Helsby Hillside Primary School,

September 2017


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Headteacher: Adam Khan

School Contacts: Mrs Julie Ellis, Mrs S Tregilgas & Mrs C Williams

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