Year 4 2017 - 2018

Mr Khan

Mrs Williams

Welcome to Year Four

Year 4 is currently taught by Mr Khan and Mrs Williams (Monday & Tuesday afternoons).

Mrs Bradbury also works in year 4 in the mornings as a teaching assistant.


In year four there are lots of exciting opportunities.

In the autumn term the children have the opportunity learn a musical instrument through the 'Music for Life' programme. In the spring term we have a residential visit to the Tattenhall Outdoor Education Centre during which we work with an artist and complete different design and technology projects.


Context For Learning

During the autumn term we will be working on the context for learning theme of 'It's all Greek to me!'

In this context for learning theme we will learn about life in 'Ancient Greece'. We will look at the importance of this civilisation, the lives of rich and poor people, religious beliefs and customs as well as the impact this has had on our lives today.

As part of the work we will look to visit the World museum in Liverpool to see their Greek exhibition and take part in hands-on workshops.


Literacy / English

During the autumn term your child will be working on the following types of writing:

  • Narrative (story) writing
  • Myths and legends writing

The inspiration for all of these types of writing will come from a range of carefully chosen texts that link into the context for learning theme of ‘It's all Greek to me!'.


During the autumn term we will continue to build upon the skills developed during year 3 to ensure that the children are secure and move into the key areas of learning for year four with confidence. We will continue to spend time on the development and securing of number facts, place value, the four operations (+ - x ÷). Alongside this it is vital that the children continue to learn and practice their multiplication facts so that they are secure with all multiplication tables up to 12x12 (this is part of the new curriculum). Obviously we will visit this in school but support at home in practicing, testing and rehearsing these facts is invaluable.

Alongside the formal maths lessons children will also take part in a number / reasoning focussed session. This session is planned to devleop the children's understanding and knowledge of number and reasoning.


Task Given out Due in
Literacy Wednesday each week The following Wednesday
Maths Monday each week Friday of the same week
Spellings Fortnightly



Reading is a vital skill for children to develop. In school we teach the children to read and interpret what they have read. In year four much of our time is spent understanding texts and developing these comprehension, inference and deduction skills. Every week the children take part in reading activities (each morning between 9.00 and 9.30). One of these activities is working with a teacher and reading a text as a group, the other activities support reading skills and comprehension. It is vital that the children read widely outside school. Ideally children should read to an adult every day. Your child has a reading journal in which reading comments can be recorded and the focus of your child’s guided read will also be noted. These reading journals should accompany the child to school each day.


Physical Education 

During this term we will have PE on Wednesday and Thursday Afternoons. 

It is important that the children have appropriate clothing in school for PE during these days.   


Visits and Visitors

Where it is possible we shall take the children on visits or work with visitors to enhance the learning experience.

In the spring term we plan to take part in a residential which will involve working with an artist. Within the year there will also be opportunities to work with a poet and participate in a theatre workshop.

It is planned will also work with the local PSCO to learn about road safety during the summer term.


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