Year 1 2021 - 2022

Mrs Potts

Mrs Porter

Year One have enjoyed another week of dinosaurs and are proud of their work on display on the school timeline! They also had fun creating a dinosaur dance – take a look on Twitter to see a snippet.

In Maths this week, we have been looking at numbers to 20 and partitioning those tricky teen numbers. In English, we have started our new “Pathways” book – The Lion Inside – and writing in sentences that are punctuated correctly with a full stop or question mark. We also started a new unit of work in Science and we will be looking at materials over the coming weeks.

Homework for this week is a materials hunt around the house and some maths to practise our place value to 20.

Looking ahead to next week, we have another Book Swap on Thursday. Children can bring in unwanted books (maximum of 3 each) on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and will receive tokens that they can then “spend” on Thursday on a new book to enjoy. This was a great success last time so hopefully it will be just as much fun this time too.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Ps


Work For Children Who Are Isolating due to Covid 19

Monday - in school, we shall be looking at tens and ones and the tricky teen numbers. Here is a video link that will help to explain and there is a work sheet in the files section. Ask your grown up to give you some number lines to 20 with some of the numbers missing and then fill in the missing numbers - make sure that you write the numbers the correct way around!

Watch this phonics video (link here to recap on the ear sound.

We still make errors in spelling when choosing the ng/nk sounds. The files section has some activities to practise this.

Please make sure that you read your reading books.


Tuesday - Today in phonics, you can recap the ou sound - watch this video here

Practise your reading comprehension skills with the activities in the files section.

In Maths today, we will be counting one more / one less with numbers to 20. Watch this video (link here and then complete the sheet in the files section.


Wednesday - here is a dfferent programme for you to watch and recap on your phonics today - Alphablocks link here

Read the story in the files section and then complete the follow up activity

In Maths we will be comparing amounts of objects - video link here  and worksheet in the files


Thursday - In Maths today, we will be comparing numbers to 20 - video link here and worksheet in the files.  You could make yourself some number cards to 20 - pick two of the cards then write a sentence, eg: 11 is less than 16. Then try to use the Charlie Crocodile symbols to write the number sentence.

In English, we shall be using the suffixes -er and -est to compare the animals in our story (smarter, smartest, longer, longest etc). You can do a similar activity at home - see the files section. We have enjoyed some dancing around the classroom this week - why not play some music and have a dance around the house!


Friday - In Maths, we will be ordering numbers within 20. Watch this video (link here) and complete the worksheet in the files section.

As it is Friday, we thought that you might like to do some Choose Our Own Learning - see the COOL ideas in the files section.













 Reading - Please keep reading regularly!

Key words (Common Exception Words) are in the files section for you to practise reading and spelling.

Now that we are back to school, we can change our reading books once again but don't forget our online reading material as an additional resource - our school subscription to the Collins Ebooks. Everyone has been emailed their login details and when you log in, you will find a virtual book shelf of books at appropriate level.



*** Resources For Mental Health ***

Please see the files section for My Happy Mind resources and "feel safe, feel happy" activity ideas. Please also see our wellbeing page - link here.

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