Class Structure and Organisation for 2019-20



Curriculum Responsibilities

 Acting Headteacher

 Mr Adam Khan

Safeguarding Lead, Prevent SPCO

 Deputy Headteacher / Year 6

 Mr Dan Riley

Literacy Subject Leader, Assessment  and Curriculum Co-ordinator (SLT)


 Miss Sarita Jagota

 KS1 Leader (SLT), Maths

 Year 1

 Mrs Judith Potts (Mon - Wed)

& Mrs Wendy Porter  (Thurs/Fri)

 Modern Foreign Languages


 Year 2       

 Mrs Fletcher-Curran &

 Mrs Lucy Quraishy (Thurs PM / Fri)

 RE, International Schools, Art

 PE and PHSE

 Year 3

 Mrs Paula Edwards


 Year 4

 Mrs Jane Boudier

 Mrs Angela Williams (Fri)

 Science, DT and ICT


 Year 5                                    

 Mrs Lynda Thomas

 SENCO, Professional Mentor,           Disadvantaged Pupil Lead (SLT)

 Year 6  

 Mr D Riley

 Mrs Williams

 See above


Teaching Assistants:

Reception                               Mrs Kim Williams  / Miss Alison Lee

Year 1                                     Mrs Judith Potts, Mrs Wendy Porter, Mrs Kathryn Smith (1:1)

Year 2                                     Mrs Kath Evans

Year 3                                     Mrs Elaine Cook 

Year 4                                     Mrs Kristina Garnett

Year 5                                     Mrs Kristina Garnett / Mrs Lorna Newton  (1:1) / Miss Jen Monaghan (1:1)

Year 6 and PPG                     Mrs Gail Gough / Ms Leisa Hughes (1:1)

Class cover                            Mrs Yvonne Bradberry

Sports support                        Mrs Amie Moore

Support Staff

Business Manager:             Mrs Julie Ellis

Clerical Assistant:               Mrs Stella Tregilgas

Site Maintenance Officer:   Mr Sean McEntee

Midday Assistants:              Mrs Mandy Ireland, Mrs Elaine Ecclestone, Mrs Kay Statham, 

                                            Mrs Lorna Newton (1:1), Mrs Kathryn Smith, Mrs Susannah Parsonson, Mrs Catherine Williams

Catering Supervisor:           Mrs Julie Heppell

School Cleaner:                  Mrs Pauline Longworth / Miss Katie Newbolt

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Bates Lane, Hlesby, Frodsham WA6 9LN

Acting Headteacher: Adam Khan

School Contacts: Mrs Julie Ellis & Mrs S Tregilgas

01928 722991