Class Structure and Organisation for 2022-23

 Class/Job Role


 Curriculum Responsibilities


 Mr Adam Khan

 Safeguarding Lead

 Prevent SPCO

 Deputy Headteacher

 Mr Steven Caldwell

 Deputy Safeguarding Lead

 Assessment  and Curriculum Co-  ordinator (SLT)


 Miss Sarita Jagota

 KS1 Leader (SLT)


 Pupil Premium Lead

 Professional Mentor

 Year 1

Mrs Judith Potts (Mon - Wed)

Mrs Wendy Porter (Thurs/Fri)

 Modern Foreign Languages Lead

 English Team


 Year 2       

 Mrs Gill Fletcher-Curran (Tues-Fri)

 Mrs Wendy Porter (Mon)

 RE;  Music


 Year 3

 Mr Steven Caldwell

 Geography Lead

 Year 4

 Mrs Jane Boudier

 Mrs Angela Williams (Fri)

 Science, DT and ICT Lead

 History Lead

 Year 5                                 

 Mrs Lynda Thomas


 English Lead

 Professional Mentor

 TAF Lead (SLT)

 Year 6  

 Mr Andrew Newman

 Mrs  Angela Williams

 RHE Lead, Maths Team



 Teaching Assistants




 Mrs Kim Williams

 Miss Alison Lee 


 Year 1

 Mrs Judith Potts

 Miss Alison Lee 


 Year 2

 Mrs Elaine Cook 


 Year 3

 Mrs Kath Evans 


 Year 4

 Ms Leisa Hughes


 Year 5

 Ms Leisa Hughes


 Year 6 and PPG

 Mrs Gail Gough





Teaching Assistant/Welfare   Assistant 1:1's

 Mrs Lorna Newton

 Mrs Kathryn Smith

 Mrs Amie Moore

 Mr David Pinckney

 Miss Georgie Frankling

Mr Alfie Cooke


 Class Cover

 Mrs Yvonne Bradberry


 Sports support                  

 Mrs Amie Moore



 Support Staff



 Business Manager

 Mrs Julie Ellis


 Clerical Assistants

 Mrs Stella Tregilgas

 Mrs Catherine Williams


 Site Maintenance Officer

 Mr Sean McEntee


 Midday Assistants

 Mrs Mandy Ireland

 Mrs Elaine Ecclestone

 Mrs Lorna Newton

 Mrs Kathryn Smith

Miss Alison Lee 

Mr David Pinckney 

Miss M McHenry


Link Club

Mrs Gill Anderson

Mrs Kay Statham

Mrs Lorna Newton

Mrs Elaine Eccleston

Mrs C Lazarou

Miss O Lowe


 Catering Supervisor

 Mrs Julie Heppell


 School Cleaners

 Miss Amanda Drury

 Mrs Ewa Winiarska



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Headteacher: Adam Khan

School Contacts: Mrs Julie Ellis, Mrs S Tregilgas & Mrs C Williams

01928 722991

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