Our Curriculum

Intent - What has inspired our curriculum?

At Helsby Hillside Primary School, we have created a vibrant and exciting curriculum that we believe meets the needs of all our children and equips them to take their place in society. We value each child as an individual with a unique potential for learning and a right to participate fully in current and future society as a responsible self-confident citizen.

We view curriculum to be the totality of a child’s experience at Helsby Hillside Primary School and therefore have designed it to promote spiritual, moral, cultural, emotional and physical development alongside academic success. Our school moto ‘Learn, Laugh and Play’ is indicative of the wellbeing established in all children as a platform for achievement. We have high and equal expectations for all children. 

At its core, our curriculum aims to deliver personal growth through:

  • Reinforcing school values linked to healthy body and mind
  • Celebrating diversity to emphasise unity of British society and values
  • Creating curiosity to stimulate children’s enthusiasm for learning
  • Securing children’s understanding of their locality, wider community and global responsibility
  • Developing positive learning behaviours

Implementation - How do we deliver our vision?

We have carefully crafted our curriculum to balance the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum expectations with a range of experiences allowing all children to flourish. Our text based approach to English provides study topics for the wider curriculum. This means a strong emphasis on speaking and listening and reading from a child’s very first days in Reception right through to their participation in the Y6 leavers’ assembly.  Alongside this we place a strong emphasis on providing opportunities to enhance personal and social growth, citizenship skills and the development of children’s cultural capital.

At Helsby Hillside, we believe in providing children with a relevant, real life curriculum, designed to build upon their prior learning and to enable them to make links across subjects.  This integrated approach to the curriculum ensures our children gain a rounded and joined up understanding of each area of learning.

As a school we have agreed that children at Helsby Hillside will

  • Be listened to and respected
  • Learn to swim
  • Get the chance to do all sorts of free after school clubs
  • Represent the school in a range of sporting and non-sporting events
  • Have the chance to represent their peers as a class councillor
  • Learn French
  • Be buddied and be a buddy
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Build a den
  • Enjoy lots of different themed weeks
  • Explore our local area
  • Be given responsibility for something
  • Visit local places of worship
  • Help our local community
  • Go on residential visits
  • Visit museums, theatres and art galleries
  • Have their achievements celebrated in assembly
  • Learn about the sort of jobs you could do when you leave school
  • Attend lots of Friends of Hillside functions
  • Perform in assemblies, nativities and productions
  • Take pride in being able to Learn, Laugh and Play.

Curriculum Impact – How do we ensure children know more, remember more and are able to do more?

The impact of our whole school curriculum is evident in the consistently strong outcomes our children enjoy both personally and academically.

Results, books, displays and, most importantly Helsby Hillside Primary children themselves, are evidence of the school’s success. 





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