Year 6 2023 - 2024

Mr Newman

Weekly Round Up- 1st December 2023  


Good afternoon, 


In English, the children have been using the information gathered last week to write about kakapos! Adverbs for possibility, modal verbs and parenthesis were included when writing about diet, habitat and reasons as to why these flightless birds are endangered! We then began our preparations to plan a hybrid informational text on tigers.  

In maths, we have continued our learning of fractions by exploring equivalents on number lines. The children also took part in answering a variety of arithmetic questions to recap on key learning . I have been so proud of all the children’s attitudes and efforts during this time.  

Throughout the week, our preparations for the Key Stage Christmas performance have progressed with all children displaying wonderful enthusiasm and confidence. In Science, Year Six have been busy classifying plants and in PE the children finished off their play leader training. There will be an opportunity for all children to apply in writing, in the form of a poster, poem, letter etc by the end of term to become a play leader to support children in Key Stage One. Finally, to wrap up the week, Year Six have started to develop their understanding of using Microsoft Excel.   

Costumes for the pantomime 

We are currently finalising costume requirements for the KS2’s Christmas performance. Letters will be sent home with the children on Monday.  

Christmas Fair  

Next Friday, between 5-7pm, is our Christmas Fair. Please join us for some festive fun and community spirit.  

Advent Wreaths 

Mrs Fletcher-Curran has asked kindly if any child could bring greenery in to school for our annual advent wreaths. These can include conifer, fir, holly, skimmia, rosemary, yew, juniper, and pine. Please could any donations be brought into school from Monday 4th December.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  


Have a great weekend, 

Mr Newman 


Weekly Round Up- 24th November 2023


At the beginning of the week, the children visited Helsby High School to take part in a ‘BIG Maths’ workshop. The children were split up into four teams and worked through a variety of practical activities. It was great to see how well they worked to problem solve- well done Year Six!

In English, Year Six explored a text on rhinos to find key features that explain and persuade. The children then moved on towards applying adverbs for possibility within their writing. To end the week, the children have been researching facts about kakapos ready to be used within their work on Monday.

As part of their Maths learning this week, Year Six continued their focus on fractions. They applied the learning of equivalent fractions and expanded their understanding of improper fractions and mixed numbers. The tasks set required extra focus and greater perseverance, but the children stepped up to the challenge!

We have been busy throughout the week working on our Key Stage Two Christmas performance. It is gradually coming together, with the children working hard to learn their lines and to display their acting skills.

During Wednesday’s Science session, the children learnt all about micro-organisms and explored if they are harmful or helpful to us. The children then started to carry out an investigation to explore whether mould will grow on bread when put under different conditions. Year Six also took part in a French session with Mrs Potts this week.  


Festive Run- Friday 1st December

Year Six will be taking part in a sponsored run around school on Friday. Please can your child come into school with appropriate footwear and clothing to take part.


Have a great weekend,


Mr Newman



Good afternoon all,  


In English this week, the children developed their understanding of modal verbs and parenthesis and applied it to their writing. They completed a task, writing as farmers from Bangladesh, and included the troubles they may have when visited by a tiger! It was so pleasing to see their confidence grow throughout each activity to display an understanding!  

On Thursday, the children began a new topic in Maths- fractions! We have recapped over finding equivalent fractions and simplifying them using our knowledge of factors. I have been impressed with how much they have retained from previous year groups to be confident in their understanding. Keep it going!! 

In Geography this week, the children have been exploring energy sources and how they have a positive and/or negative impact on our lives. In Science, we used our knowledge from last week’s session to create animal classification keys and in art, the children began their new topic based on activism. They explored how artwork can spread a message for change. The children also took part in a ‘New Age Kurling’ intraschool competition on Wednesday that was arranged by Mrs Moore.  

‘BIG Maths’ visit to Helsby High School 

Next week, we are fortunate enough to be visiting Helsby High School for a ‘BIG Maths’ workshop led by the University of Liverpool. The session will be on Monday 20th November from 09:10- 10:20. Due to the early start time, I will be registering the children at 08:45 to ensure we have enough time to commute across to the high school for our session.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  


Have a great weekend, 

Mr Newman 


Weekly Round Up- 10th November 2023  


Good afternoon all,  

To mark remembrance, Year Six took part in a service this morning at the school and then walked down to St Paul’s in the afternoon to read a poem and lay a wreath to mark their respects. The children read beautifully and displayed maturity throughout.  

In Maths, the children tackled multistep problems and calculations that involved multiple operations. After a hesitant start, all children developed confidence and understanding.  

Within our English sessions this week, the children furthered their knowledge of tigers and explored using concise word choices to display information for the reader. It was great discussing with the children how certain word choices can enhance their writing and they were then able to apply this to their work.  

During our afternoon sessions, the children had the opportunity to present information of soldiers from the local area who fought in both World War One and Two. In Science, Year Six began their new topic developing their knowledge on the classification of animals and explored the life of Carl Linnaeus. In Guided Reading, we continued reading the text, ‘An Eagle in the Snow’. The children are thoroughly enjoying the story and provide their own opinions, backed up by evidence, to class discussions.  


Have a great weekend, 


Mr Newman 




Image (12).jpeg



Weekly Round Up- 3rd November 2023


I hope you all had a wonderful, well-deserved break! It has been great to get back into the swing of things! The children have climatised back into the classroom and have worked hard. 

The children returned to school and noticed the English display had been changed to a jungle theme. They enjoyed guessing how the display linked to their learning and were able to find out that our focus in English this half term will be based around endangered animals! The children had the opportunity to edit and improve sentences in their first session as a way of recapping key grammatical techniques.  Year Six also had time this week to look back over their extended write that was completed before half term. It was a pleasure to see how well each child responded to the activity of editing and improving. They were enthusiastic to work collaboratively with a partner and displayed willingness to use their purple editing pen to correct spelling, consider punctuation and include further details. 

In Maths, our focus has turned towards division and the children have been able to apply prior knowledge to face any task with positivity. One objective involved finding factors and then dividing through multiple steps to find the answer. It was excellent to see how well they presented their work, taking time to set out their calculations clearly.   

During our afternoon sessions, the children had the chance to finish their art pieces using collage and painting skills to enhance and add depth to their work. The children also began their Geography topic focusing on protecting the environment. Within the session, Year Six had the opportunity to use iPads to record down key information by identify threats, causes and possible solutions towards climate change. They then used their locational skills, by using an atlas, to display which countries are impacted by global warming.  


Have a nice weekend, 


Mr Newman 


Weekly Round Up- 13th October 2023 


It is crazy to think that next week will be our final week of our first half term in Year Six- how time flies!   

In Maths this week, the children have recapped multiples, factors and prime numbers as part of their written methods unit. It is pleasing to see how much the children have retained throughout Key Stage Two when applying their understanding to these sessions. We have also tackled squared and cubed numbers in preparation for long multiplication next week.  

In English, we have been busy writing diary entries and then working collaboratively and independently to edit and improve. I was so impressed with how well they became acquainted to the expectations of this to produce some excellent pieces and have an eye to what can be adapted to benefit the reader! Well done Year Six!  

In History this week, we have turned our focus to the ‘Battle of Britain’. The children are now piecing together the events of World War Two with clear understanding. In Art, the children have started completing their final pieces in exploring the identity of Winston Churchill. Drawing, ink work and collage skills have been applied brilliantly! We have also displayed data from an experiment in Science and identified similarities and differences of Christian places of worship in R.E! 


A couple of important things to note:  

High school applications: 

We have been made aware that School Admissions are yet to receive applications for a number of pupils. If you have not applied, please can you ensure that applications are completed by 31st October 2023. Applications can be completed online. Please access via the link below:  

Apply for a School Place (  

Bottles for remembrance 

Thank you to those who have already brought in bottles this week. In preparation for Remembrance Day, please can a plastic bottle be brought in as soon as possible- thank you.  


Enjoy your weekend!   

Mr Newman   



Weekly Round Up- 6th October 2023 

The colder weather and darker evenings may be settling in, but the children are continuing to face any challenge with positivity and enthusiasm this week! 

In Maths, our place value unit has come to a close and our focus has now turned to written methods. Our main aim this week was to improve efficiency when working out calculations. I was so impressed as they all worked hard and made sure that they achieved an accurate answer.  

In English, we have continued our learning activities linking to the text, ‘Star of Fear, Star of Hope’. During this week, I have raised the awareness of adding cohesion to extended writing to improve the overall flow and clarity of written work. Through their maturity, the children have responded well to this and are applying the skills needed to up level their writing.  

In History, the children explored the key events in Dunkirk during World War Two. It was wonderful to see how immersed they all were in the content provided and how they approached the task with great enthusiasm. In Science, the children worked collaboratively to investigate shadows, ensuring that it was a fair test to record down data accurately. Portrait drawing was the focus in Art on Thursday afternoon. The children enjoyed this session and were eager to show off their work throughout.  

Polite request 

Please can your child bring in a plastic bottle on Monday. The bottle will be used to make a poppy which will then be displayed in Hillside’s Remembrance Garden. It can be any size but would be ideal if it has a fluted base- see photos below.  

image.pngimage (1).png

Enjoy your weekend. 

Mr Newman  






Weekly Round Up- 29th September 2023


Another week has now come to a close, but the children have really made the most of it! Throughout the week, we have been busy practising and then performing ’Let it Grow’ as part of the Harvest Festival. I cannot praise the children enough for their efforts- they were incredible!  

Year Six also enjoyed each other’s company and had the opportunity to share food and drink during Wednesday’s Harvest Breakfast. While the children have embraced the variety of experiences this week, they have also worked hard in the classroom to produce some excellent pieces of work.   

In Maths, our place value unit is drawing to a close. We have developed further confidence in rounding and developed our knowledge of negative numbers.  Place value will be a skill that will continue to be reinforced throughout the year and it pleases me to see how confident the children have been when given the opportunity to recap and increase their knowledge.  

We have continued reading the text, ‘Star of Fear, Star of Hope’ in our English sessions this week. The children have become very much invested in the text and have produced some wonderful descriptive pieces using dialogue and expanded noun phrases. The children have also developed their skills in looking back through their work to edit and improve. It is so important that the children increase independence this year in their writing, and I am pleased to say they are on the right path to achieve this!  

In History this week, the children have explored World War Two detailing major events on timelines. Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, The Blitz and D-Day were a few of several events covered. In Science, torches were used to further their knowledge on how light travels. They worked well in groups to display their understanding and formulate detailed answers that were then recorded in their books.  

Another thank you this week for all the homework I have received on time. Please make sure that the children’s diaries have been signed and a little comment is provided on how they have got on. This really does benefit me as I can get a further insight into their understanding.  

Enjoy your weekend. 

Mr Newman


Weekly Round Up – 22nd September 2023 

After returning back to school from our week away, the learning expectations of Year Six are now in full swing! The children have displayed the correct attitude and willingness that has led to a successful first full week back at school.  

We have continued our learning of place value in Maths this week. The children have improved their knowledge of numbers up to ten million by using number lines. We have also had the opportunity to recap on ordering, comparing and rounding whole numbers and numbers including decimals! I was very impressed with how enthusiastic the children were to answer questions and use their whiteboards to display an understanding. Keep it up Year Six!! 

In English, we have recapped on the rules of speech by including inverted commas in sentences. The children have also experienced writing a short story using all the skills learnt so far this year. Our class text, ‘Star of Fear, Star of Hope’ has also been introduced for the children to predict what the story will be about.   

Whole class guided reading sessions have kicked off this week and Year Six have been introduced to Michael Morpurgo’s, ‘An Eagle in the Snow’. Their understanding of the text so far has been amazing. They were very much invested in the story and were able to retain what has happened so far. The children have had the opportunity to answer a variety of questions linking to our class read and have started to effectively provide evidence to back up their understanding.  

During the afternoon sessions, the children learnt about the impact of World War One and Two. We have also explored artists in Art by picking out key details by using collage and pastels. Another French lesson delivered by Mrs Potts has rounded off the week.  

A huge thank you to the children who have handed in reading records and homework this week! Please keep it up!! 

A couple of things to note 

Harvest PerformanceThe children have been busy practising our Harvest Festival song over the past couple of days and are looking forward to performing next Friday. To make the performance extra special, I thought it would be great to see the children in farming attire (checkered shirt, jumper, jeans, straw hat etc).  Please can all clothing be brought in on Thursday to ensure that everyone can be dressed up on the Friday. 

Harvest Donations 

A letter detailing what your child has agreed to bring in for Harvest Breakfast (Wednesday 27th September) has been sent out today. We are also accepting donations next week from Monday 25th September till Tuesday 3rd October for the local food bank should you wish to bring anything in. Further details will be on the school newsletter.  

Book Fair 

On the week beginning 2nd October, the book fair is coming to Hillside! After school that week, the children can purchase some lovely new books to read.  In preparation, the children have been asked to design a poster about their favourite book and they can create it using any media they like. Five lucky winners will be awarded vouchers to spend at our Book Fair. Entries will need to be handed in to Mrs Potts by Friday 29th September and winners will be announced on Monday 2nd October in assembly. 

Helsby High School Open Evening  

Please see attached a letter (sent via email from this week's weekly round up) detailing an open evening at Helsby High School on Thursday 5th October.  

If you have any questions, queries or matters regarding your child, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am usually available before school and at the end of the day.  

Have a great weekend!  

Mr Newman ? 



Weekly round up- 15th September 2023


What. A. Week! Min-y-Don 2023 was amazing, and I am so happy that the children have come back home with happy memories of their time away!  

As their teacher, I cherished the opportunity to get to know each and every child this week and I feel we have now bonded as a team to take on the demands expected this year.  

The activities gave the children an opportunity to experience something new and challenged them to step out of their comfort zone. Their determination and willingness to give everything a go was fantastic to see and their respect towards the staff at Min-y-Don could not be faulted. Year Six- you have made me incredibly proud and if you continue with the same attitude, this year will be a success!  

If you would like to see what we have been up to, check out the school’s Twitter page to see our awesome adventure. What an excellent way to start the year! 


Best wishes,

Mr Newman


Weekly Round Up - 8th September 2023 


It has been an absolute privilege getting to know the children over the last three days and I feel they have really settled in as Year Six pupils. We have been busy getting to know the ropes and I am proud to share that they have all met the expectations set upon them.  

In Maths, we have started to extend our learning of place value looking at numbers up to ten million! The children have read, written, ordered and compared a range of numbers and have been willing to attempt challenges to display their understanding! 

This week in English, the children have been recapping on their grammatical understanding of expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, and subordinate and relative clauses. The children have worked very hard on this, creating links in their sentences, and including some wonderful word choices to enhance their writing.  

On Wednesday afternoon, we explored what a great classroom looks, feels, and sounds like. The children worked together to share their opinions, which allowed for excellent discussions. We also explored our school rules of what it is to be ready, respectful, and safe.  

The children had a brilliant PE session on Thursday afternoon with Mrs Moore working on rugby and dance skills and an afternoon French session today with Mrs Potts.  


A couple of things to note 

  • The children have been very excited this week as they now have access to their lockers and each child has been given the responsibility of their own key. Just for your awareness, as children are trusted to look after their locker key, we kindly ask for a refundable deposit of £5.00 to be brought in to cover costs if keys become lost.  
  • Our visit to Min-y-Don is finally upon us! Please can all children drop off their luggage in the school hall on Monday morning. Children will also need a disposable packed lunch as we will be stopping off to eat at Bala Lake on the way. This can be stored in a rucksack or bag separate to their main luggage. 


If you have any questions, queries or matters regarding your child, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am usually available before school and at the end of the day.  


Bye for now,  


Mr Newman  

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