Frodsham & Villages Sports Partnership

Frodsham and Villages Support Partnership (FAVSP)

The FAVSP is a group consisting of Helsby High School and 11 primary schools in Frodshan and surrounding rural villages.  Through this partnership, our school is able to access training, sharing of good practise and excellent transition.  Children benefit from a range of activities and experiences that are organised by the group.  We make an annual contribution to the FAVSP using our Sports Premium Grant.  

Our sporting calendar was adapted to ensure every child has the opportunity to represent their school in a wider range of SG competitions and Festivals. The increase in Festivals and ‘non-competitive’ celebrate events help those children who are less competitive or struggle with their confidence.  This enables the children to enjoy these different sports. The FAVSP aim is that every child represents their school in a sporting event. By balancing our strong competitive inspire events with our aspire and celebrate categories the aim is to get all children active and moving.

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Bates Lane, Helsby, Frodsham WA6 9LN

Headteacher: Adam Khan

School Contacts: Mrs Julie Ellis, Mrs S Tregilgas & Mrs C Williams

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