Year 5 2021 - 2022

Mrs Thomas

Welcome to Year Five

Year 5 is taught by Mrs Lynda Thomas

This Spring Term 2022 Year 5's topic is The Vikings.


Weekly Update 


Hi everyone,

Year 5 have had a really busy week and been working hard. The book swap also took place this week and lots of the children are looking forward to reading their ‘new’ books. There will be another book-swap after half term so watch out for the dates in my weekly update and in Mr Khan’s newsletters that are emailed out weekly. The newsletters always include photos and information on current events and important issues. If you are not accessing the weekly newsletter please do contact the school office for help with this.

English lessons have been busy with the children working on different components and features of a myth/legend. This week we have also written a poem entitled ‘My Norse Myth’. The children should be able to tell you why the word ‘Norse’ is often linked to the Vikings. We have mentioned a few times this week that Norse is a word made from a mix of ‘Norway and Sweden’ which is where the Vikings were from. The Viking invasions and the first known raid on Lindisfarne has been the focus of our topic work this week. Most of the children should remember the year was 793AD, and some, I am hoping, will even be able to tell you that this was believed to be on the 8th of June in the year 793AD.    

In maths, most Y5 pupils have extended their multiplying skills to multiplying by a 2 digit number. They have worked really hard on one of the trickiest calculations they are expected to master in primary school. Long division is taught next year in Year 6.

Despite Covid affecting different classes in school over the past week, the staff and children in Year 5 have remained fit and well, so fingers crossed we will be lucky and this will continue. Year 5 are so mature with their awareness of the importance of good hygiene and they readily wash their hands without being asked to do so upon arriving in school and on other occasions such as if they should sneeze. Well done Year 5, you have every right to feel proud of yourselves and all that you do.

As always, stay safe and keep warm all.

Lynda Thomas   21/01/22


Please email me at if you need to get in touch or if you have any questions. 




Daily Guided Reading

Children can do 40 minutes reading at the start of the morning and complete 2 tasks from the Guided Reading Activity List included with the files on this page. These can be done in the English Writing Book.


Spelling and Punctuation

BBC Bitesize contains lots of valuable learning material linked to a wide range of topics.. For spelling rules click on the link here and for punctuation click here (note semi-colons and colons are in the Y6 English curriculum, however Y5 need to understand the names and how to use all other punctuation forms).

Times Tables

There are some times tables booklets for you to download on this page if needed, however the children are doing amazingly well in their weekly times tables tests and we are compiling our 'Premier League' table of pupils who are brave enough to take on the challenge of being timed to recall their tables in the shortest possible time! 


Our Hillside Website has a Wellbeing Page that is being regularly updated and managed by Miss Leisa Hughes. You can find links to My Happy Mind, a range of activities and useful links to help support well-being and a positive mental health. Please do look at this page (situated below the Y6 class page on our website).



                                          Lynda Thomas 4th January 2022  





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