Values and Motto

Our School Values & Motto

Our Values

In September 2022 we invited parents, staff and governors to help agree our guiding values. We received some wonderful ideas and suggestions that will help to guide our school. Helsby Hillside’s values can be summed up as:

With kindness, respect and gratitude, together we aim high in all we do.

We are kind

‘Being Kind’ is at the heart of Helsby Hillside Primary School. As a small school we all work together as a family. We all know each other, and we look out for each other. We role model kindness to all members of the school community and we champion how kindness will guide pupils to a happy and valued place in society.

We respect everyone

As Helsby Hillside, we respect each other and ourselves. This is modelled from adult to child and across the Hillside community. Respect can be seen in our adults greeting every child each morning to how our children interact with each other and move around school. Respect is at the heart of our teaching, our relationships, and our appreciation for the world we live in.

We are grateful

In an ever changing landscape within a volatile world, we are grateful at Helsby Hillside for so much. We show gratitude to each and every community member for without them, we would not be the successful school that we are. We are grateful for the things that make us special, and we know that gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. 

We aim high

Helsby Hillside is proud of every child. Our duty is to develop confident, capable and well-rounded children. This in turn leads to the best achievements both academic, creative, physical, and emotional.  At Helsby Hillside, we aim high for EVERY SINGLE STUDENT – providing a breadth of experiences that help children identify their individual strengths and a love of learning.


Our Motto

Our school motto is: Learn, Laugh and Play

At Helsby Hillside, we believe everyone is continually learning, in everything we do. As well as learning their subjects, our children are always developing their social skills and building confidence. Our staff are always learning too: from getting to know more about each individual child, to learning from other schools or furthering their own qualifications. As you walk through the playground and the corridors, you will often hear the sound of children’s laughter. At Hillside, we believe that developing a sense of humour is an essential social skill in not only developing relationships but also for wellbeing. Finally, we believe that children thrive when given the opportunities to play and perform. From taking part in new sports to trying new instruments, we encourage every child to try and experience as much as possible whilst here at Helsby Hillside. We impress upon every child the importance of stepping forward to grasp the many opportunities on offer, try something new and stretch themselves. 


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Headteacher: Adam Khan

School Contacts: Mrs Julie Ellis, Mrs S Tregilgas & Mrs C Williams

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