Intent - What Do We Aspire for Our Children?

Our Curriculum Intent for Art

At Hillside Primary School, we aim to provide children with a high-quality art curriculum which:

· Ensures children work towards their creative potential
· Sets challenges and opportunities to test ideas
· Ensures all children feel excited, included, and enabled in their creative journeys
· Promotes open-ended, creative exploration with emphasis on the children’s journey as artists

As pupils progress, they will think critically and develop an appreciation of art and design in the mediums of:
· Drawing
· Painting
· Printmaking
· Sculpture
· Digital media
· Craft and design

Our curriculum builds knowledge and understanding of how art and design have contributed to our culture and understanding of our history and the world, through exploration of a variety of artists and their work. By combining technical skills with contextual and conceptual understanding, our curriculum helps ensure every child feels entitled to embrace their creativity as something which is both important to them, and something which is valued by others.

Our Curriculum

Each year group studies six units of art and design, one each term. Each unit of work is underpinned by rich, substantive knowledge whilst also ensuring children develop their practical skills.

Our art and design curriculum is organised into 6-week pathways. Pathways are categorised into one of our four curriculum strands. Each strand is present in every year group. This ensures that children's artistic knowledge and skills are being developed progressively year on year. These strands are:

  • Drawing and Sketchbooks
  • Paint, Colour, Collage
  • Working in Three Dimensions
  • Paint, Surface, Texture
  • Collaboration and Community


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