Year 3 2021 - 2022

Mrs Barlow

Mrs Garnett

WELCOME to the Year 3 class page. 

Please email us using this address year3@hillside.cheshire.sch

Friday 1st July

Happy month all!

This week in Year 3 we've been going 'cross-curricular'!- We have linked our Ancient Egypt topic to other subjects such as maths where we investigated the number of blocks needed to build pyramids and learned about square numbers. In Design & Technology we learnt about different bridge designs and strong shapes.  We then designed and built a bridge for the Pharoah to cross the River out of spaghetti- it was good fun (if a little messy!). 

In science children have had fun learning about reflections and light using mirrors.

Quite a few children attended the Amasing performance at the Story House in Chester and had a great time.  Others attended a rather soggy District Sports event and performed really well- well done to all!

*Next week children will need PE kits on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday is swimming as normal in the morning and Sports Day in the afternoon at the school field.

bridge 1.jpegbridge 2.jpegbridge 3.jpegbridge4.jpegbridge5.jpegbridge6.jpeg

Friday 24th June

This week has been 'Sports Week' and the children in Year 3 have been rather active!

They learned about the Commonweath Games and used their geography skills to locate countries on a map.  They joined the whole school on the annual road safety walk, and also had a great time at the Race for Life event (see photos)- well done to all participants, with a special mention to those who completed the full 20 laps of the field! Thank you also for the sponsor money for such an important cause.

The children have also been writing some great adventure journey stories, have learnt about the Ancient Egyptian pyramids, and have undertaken a fun shadow expriment in science.

The water saftey/ drowning prevention activity at the swimming pool was well recieved on Tuesday.

Next week PE is as normal on Monday and swimming on Tuesday

image4 (1)(1).jpegimage2.jpegimage4.jpegimage3.jpegimage2 (1)(1).jpegimage5.jpegimage3 (1).jpegrace for life(1).jpegimage0(1).jpegimage1 (1)(2).jpegimage5 (1)(1).jpeg


Friday 17th June.

It has been assessment week this week in Year 3, and children have worked hard to show off their super skills in maths, reading, spelling and grammar!


We have also continued our Ancient Egyptian topic this week and had fun looking into the somewhat gory practice of mummification!


In Science, we have started our light topic and the children have enjoyed exploring shadows.


Children are making good progress in their swimming lessons on Tuesdays, and next week the children will learn important information about water safety and drowning prevention (see separate email with full details about what they will need to bring).  


Next week we will be participating in drowning prevention week during school swimming lessons.  If the children could come in their swimming costumes and bring along either pyjamas or boys can bring a t-shirt to go with their shorts or leggings and t-shirt for girls. No onesies, jeans or heavy clothing or nothing new that could potentially discolour from the chlorine.


Next week is sports week and children will participate in a variety of activities, with links to the Commonwealth Games.  *Please can children come in PE kits on Thursday next week (not Monday)- they can wear pink on Thursday too as they will be completing the whole school's race for life at the field in the morning.*


Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards

Mrs Barlow and Mrs Garnett

Friday 10th June
This week in Year 3 we have enjoyed seeing all the fantastic Jubilee work on display in the hall (see the pictures for our fabulous art and written work!).
We have spent a lot of time this week revising our many maths skills ready for assessments next week- any practice over the weekend would be great!
We've also continued to learn more about our Ancient Egyptian topic, with focus on the Pharoahs.  The children enjoyed learning about Tutankhamun and the supposed mummies curse!
We welcomed the lovely Emiliia from the Ukraine into our class this week, she has settled in really well and has made some nice friends too.
*Next week children will need to wear PE kits on Tuesday and Thursday (not Monday)- Swimming is as normal on Tuesday.
image3 (2).jpegimage2 (1).jpegimage4 (1).jpegimage1 (1).jpeg
Thursday 26th May
We've had quite a Jubilee-themed week in Year 3!  We have made lovely leaflets after researching the Queen's Royal Yacht Britannia, linking it to our geography topic about the world.  We had a great Jubilee day yesterday- the children enjoyed eating out together, as well as the ice cream, stalls and inflatable assault course!  - Mrs Barlow and Mrs Cook even had a go! :0)
We have come to the end of our measurement topic and have begun our new fractions topic- again, any practice at home would be fabulous!
After half term we will be welcoming a lovely new class member from the Ukraine.  In preparation, we have learned some facts about the country and a few helpful words and phrases to make her feel welcome.  We have also made her a welcome book with information and pictures in it about ourselves that she has received and said she likes.
This weeks Praise jar winners were Emily Garnham and Alex Hargreaves- well done!
Spellings and times tables practice will be rolled over to the first week back, and children have received a little bit of homework linked to our ancient Egyptian topic. 
Swimming will be as normal on the Tuesday morning that we return to school.
Have a great break everyone! :0)

Friday 20th May

This week in Year 3 we have continued to be very arty and having practiced how to draw life-like portraits, we completed our portraits of Queen Elizabeth II for our Jubilee gallery! - There were many fabulous efforts!

We linked our written work this week to the Jubilee, and we wrote acrostic poems about the Queen and the forthcoming celebrations.  Well done also to all the fantastic and confident entrants into the poetry competition for next Tuesday!

In maths, we have continued our measurement topic- we have subtracted lengths and learned how to find the perimeter of 2D shapes.

In our topic lessons, we have looked at and located rivers around the world, and have also found out fascinating facts about the River Nile.

Our 'Awesome' praise jar winners this week were Jack Wilsher and Selena Evans- well done!

PE is as normal on Monday afternoon next week, and swimming is on Tuesday morning.

As part of the Jubilee celebrations next week, we are asking if children can make their own Jubilee-themed hat for Wednesday’s school street party/ picnic.  This can be made from scratch or you could decorate an existing hat/cap.  On this day also, children are to come dressed in a red/white/blue theme (no football kits). 

Wednesday 25th - weather permitting we will be eating outside street party style sochildren can come to school dressed in red/white/blue but no football kits please.There will be a few pocket money stalls (50p each) such as teddy tombola, lucky dip, how many sweets in the jar etc. so children can bring a small amount of money to spend in a named purse/envelope

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Barlow and Mrs Garnett




Friday 13th May

This week in Year 3, we have been very arty!  We have looked at the colourful work of the famous artist Henri Matisse and we have made printing blocks based on one of his collages.  We printed on fabric, and this will be used to make Jubilee bunting!  We created our own Matisse-style scissor collages and used the technique to create our own fabulous Jubilee-themed artwork.  We have also learned how to draw a lifelike face to help us draw our pencil sketches of Queen Elizabeth for the school's Jubilee exhibition.


In maths, we have used our addition skills to solve measurement problems and have had a big focus on times tables.  Each child will need to practice in school and at home on their given times tables (they know which ones they have been set) ready for a weekly little test on a Friday with Mrs Garnett.


In English, the children wrote some beautiful setting descriptions, and in topic lessons, we have continued to research key facts about different continents (e.g. highest mountain, area, population...).


In Science, we dissected a flower and identified all the different parts. We then discussed the process of pollination.


The prize jar winners, for being awesome, this week were Sienna and Rupert. Well done!

*Next week, PE will be on Tuesday afternoon instead of Monday*- swimming is as normal on Tuesday morning*

 Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards

Mrs Barlow and Mrs Garnett




Friday 6th May

This week in Year 3, the children once again attended their swimming lessons and some have already impressed the swimming coach and have moved up groups!- Great work!


In maths, the children have continued their measurement topic and have looked at conversion between different units of measure (mm/cm/m) - again any practice at home would be beneficial- along with practice using a ruler accurately. 

In English, the children have focused on setting descriptions and have collected lots of great noun phrases, adjectives, and verbs to describe what they can see.

In their topic lessons, they have enjoyed combining their map skills to investigate the location of key Egyptian historic landmarks- they all seem to find this topic fascinating!

In Science, we have started our new topic on plants. We have planned and set up our investigations to find out what plants need to grow.

The praise jar (rollover!) winners this week for simply being 'fabulous' are Jack Slator and Nina Duffin- keep up the good work everyone!

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards

Mrs Barlow and Mrs Garnett


Friday  29th April

This week Year 3 have enjoyed beginning their new fascinating topic about Ancient Egypt and have started to create some lovely artistic book covers using their collage skills.

In English, the children have worked hard at making inferences about the main character in the Journey story- an interesting book, as it does not have any words!

In maths, we have continued to look at and compare measurements of different objects. We need to remember the key facts that there are 100 cm in a metre and 10 mm in 1 cm!

On Tuesday, they enjoyed their first visit to Brio in Ellesmere Port for their swimming lessons and look forward to next week's session too!

In spelling this week we have been looking at adding the prefixes re, sub, inter, super, anti, and auto.

Spellings to learn for next Friday are













Can I please remind you that it is the Friends of Hillside Coin competition next week and draw you attention to the message below from Mrs Potts and Mrs Porter

This half term, we will be celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee - a once in a lifetime occasion and we hope to make it memorable for the children. There are a number of activities planned for the children and further details will be sent out over the coming weeks.

We will all be working on some art, history and literacy projects as the term progresses and we would be very grateful to receive any of the following if you have any .....


red, white or blue fabric, ribbon, wool or collage materials

card or wooden picture frames

red, white and blue bunting

old costume jewellery


(and if anyone has a stuffed toy corgi to lend us for a few weeks, we would take good care of him!!😀)


Any donations gratefully received!


Mrs Potts and Mrs Porter

Have a nice long weekend!

Kind Regards

Mrs Barlow and Mrs Garnett



Friday 22nd April

Welcome back after Easter Year 3. We hope you all had a lovely break.


In maths this week, we have started out new topic based on length and perimeter, any practice measuring objects around the home in centimetres would be a great help!


In English, we have started making predictions about our wonderful new book- 'The Journey' by Aaron Becker- and in the afternoon, we have enjoyed using the atlases once again to investigate continents and countries. We have also used the iPads to find key facts about, and compare, the different global continents.

In Science we are continuing to investigate different forces and we are having fun completing lots of practical work.


Our spelling focus this week is adding a prefix to a root word to give it a negative meaning. We will continue to have a spelling test every Friday morning so could all children please remember to bring in their yellow spelling books every Friday? Our spellings this week are














Children will need PE kits as usual on Monday, but there will also be PE session on Thursday afternoon this week. They will also require their swimming kits for Tuesday morning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards

Mrs Barlow and Mrs Garnett




Friday 1st April

In English this week, the children have planned and written their own persuasive reports about the threats faced by the world's whale population from human activity such as fishing, vessel strikes and pollution. There were many great persuasive reports produced- well done!


In maths, we have looked at pictograms and how they can be used to display and interpret data.


In geography lessons, the children enjoyed using the world atlases to locate countries that are near to the equator and tropics, as well as finding interesting facts about a chosen country. In history, they learnt all about life in the Iron Age and completed a timeline about this fascinating era.


The winners of this week’s praise jar draw for being AWESOME were Josh and Jacob- well done!

Our spellings this week focus on adding the suffix ly and are













Well done to everyone in Year 3 for working hard and we wish you a lovely Easter break.

Kind Regards

Mrs Barlow and Mrs Garnett







Friday 25th March

We have had an exciting and busy week.  The worthy praise jar winners, for 'being awesome,' were Sam and Idris. Well done! In Maths, we have finished our money mini-topic and have started looking at tally charts as part of the statistics topic.

In English, we have enjoyed using our Geography knowledge of the continents and oceans to describe the annual migration patterns of the Blue Whale.

As part of our science week, we had a visit on Monday from a scientist who taught us about the elements in the periodic table, and we had great fun setting fire to different elements to see what colour flame they produce. These elements are used in fireworks to give different colours and effects. We also researched and learnt interesting facts about Sir Isaac Newton and his laws of motion. This links nicely to our new Science topic of forces. This week in Science, we investigated magnetic forces through a circus of experiments, including the floating paper clip, which amazed everyone. As part of our science focus week, we are encouraging all the children to try some bubble investigations at home to encourage them to use observation and enquiry skills. Below are some links for them to learn more about the science behind bubbles. Children are asked to send in pictures with their most successful bubble experiment to their class email. (Science Museum video and pdf booklet with all the activities and information in) ( 6 Easy Science Experiments with bubble on youtube)

Our spellings this week are













Have a lovely weekend. Kind Regards Mrs Barlow and Mrs Garnett. 

Friday 18th March 

Year 3 have had another productive week and worked very hard.  

In English, we have looked at similes and written some fantastic simile poems about the blue whale and other sea creatures. 

In maths, we have continued to look at money, converting from pounds to pence and adding and subtracting money. We also had a TT Rockstars match with year 4. The scores were very close, and we only lost by a few points. 

In History, we researched Bronze Age Houses and Clothes and started to design our own Bronze Age board game. 

In RE we listened to the story of Jonah and the whale and completed a story sequencing activity. 

In Science we have made some cast fossils. 

Our spellings this week are 











Have a lovely weekend and may I take this opportunity to remind everyone that it is PE Monday afternoons so children should come to school in their PE kits every Monday. 

Kind Regards Mrs Barlow and Mrs Garnett 























Friday 11th March 

Year 3 have had another busy week and worked hard. This week’s winners of the praise jar, for doing something awesome, were Neave and Ella. Well done ! 

In English, we have started our new book – ‘Big Blue Whale’ by Nicola Davies. The children are really enjoying it and are now brimming with whale related facts. 

In maths, we have now compered our multiplication and division topic and are now moving onto looking at money. We have been looking at giving change and finding totals and any extra practice of this, at home, would be greatly appreciated. Continued practice of times tables at home would also be very helpful. 

In History, the children have delved deeper into the Bronze Age and have learnt about the ‘Beaker People’, who introduced bronze into the country. Whilst in Geography we have started a new topic looking at the globe – learning new facts about the equator, the tropics and the poles. 

Our spellings this week are: 











Kind Regards Mrs Barlow and Mrs Garnett 


Friday, 4th March - Weekly Roundup

Hope you all had a lovely half term.

Year 3 have been busy this week. In English, we have written our own Stone Age adventure stories, with some great efforts.

In maths, we have looked at 'scaling' (how many times bigger certain amounts are) by using our times tables knowledge.

In Topic, we have started looking at the Bronze Age. We looked at a variety of artefacts and made predictions about what they were made from and their uses.

In Science, we have looked at the different types of rock and used chocolate to model the rock cycle.

For our spellings this week we have looked at the spelling rule 'adding suffixes beginning with a vowel' (er/ed/ing) to words of more than one syllable.

Our spellings to be tested next Friday 











Friday, 18th February - Weekly Roundup

It was good to see you at the Parents Evening. 
I mentioned to some parents that I would provide details of recommended books for years 3 and 4 readers.  Below are links to the website. is also a good website to inform you of the reading books of the month, new releases, etc.
As discussed at the Parents Evening, the spelling book is being sent home today with all the words from the recent Year 3 spelling assessment.  I would suggest you test your child on the words and then help them to learn the rest over the half term in preparation for a spelling test on Friday, 4th March.  An optional extension could be to investigate other words which have the same spelling pattern.  For example, one of the words in the test is 'lamb'.  Your child could investigate other words with that spelling pattern, eg comb, tomb.​   ​A new spelling strategy will be taught every Friday and a spelling homework will be sent home on that day in preparation for a test the following Friday which will be recorded in their spelling book for your information.  Recommended websites for learning how to spell words related to the curriculum are :
I was asked about swimming lessons.  They start after Easter and will be on Tuesdays.  A letter will be sent shortly with all the details.​
This week, the children have been learning how to divide with remainders using their times tables knowledge.  In English, they have been continuing their writing based around The Stone Age Boy and have been using the correct punctuation for dialogue.   The children are enjoying learning about the different types of rocks in Science and in History, they have been researching  Stonehenge.  See if they can tell you a few facts!
Moving forwards, in the event of any Year 3 pupil testing positive for Coronavirus, if they remain well enough, school work will be sent for them to complete either by email (or the Year 3 class webpage will be updated daily if more than one pupil is off at any one time). Work can then be brought into school upon return and this will be marked in line with pupils who have undertaken the work in class.
Enjoy your half term.
Mrs Evans

Friday, 11th February - Weekly Roundup

Mrs Barlow, who is teaching in Year 3 during Mrs Edwards's absence, has really enjoyed her first week with the class.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their Stone Age day, today.  Mrs Porter has shared some photos on Twitter.  They made Stone Age tools, made their own fires, built shelters and practised their archery skills for hunting.  They ended the day sitting around the fire with S'mores.  

Friday, 4th February - Weekly Roundup

The children have worked extremely hard during this assessment week.   The afternoons have been spent continuing our research on life during the Stone Age and in particular, learning about the discovery of Skara Brae.  The children enjoyed looking at the finds and making deductions on what these might tell us about life at the end of the Stone Age.

Paintings in the style of the Austrian Artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser were completed and are looking fantastic on display in the classroom.

To celebrate World Read Aloud Day, the children had so much fun with Year One, performing The Sound Collector poem by Roger McGough. Recordings of this can be found on Twittter.

A letter was sent home this week, giving details on The Stone Age day at the school field on Friday, 11th February.

Mrs Porter and I have really enjoyed working with the children over these last few weeks during Mrs Edwards's absence and would like to thank you for your continued support.  On Monday, Ms Barlow will be taking over to teach the children whilst Mrs Edwards is absent.

I am looking forward to speaking to you at Parents Evening on Monday, 14th February.

Friday, 28th January - Weekly Roundup

Year 3 have had a very busy week.  In English, the children have been continuing to read the Stone Age Boy and The Iron Man with writing tasks relating to these stories.  They have been learning how to write direct speech using their own 'speech sandwich'.  They have also been thinking about subheadings and titles and creating their own subheadings to group information.  Investigating words with the prefixes im-, il-, ir-, dis-, mis- and in- has been this week's spelling focus.  An activity for further practice on this can be found in the 'files to download'.

The children have been continuing their learning on multiplying a 2-digit by a 1-digit and using their times tables' knowledge to solve calculations on dividing a 2-digit by a 1-digit.  There are a number of games and activities in the 'files to download' section on this page, to continue to develop skills on mental arithmetic.

The children were amazing on Coding, this week.  I was very impressed with their skills.

Today, the children have had a lot of fun creating artwork for their Stone Age display in the school corridor.  They have designed and created their own cave paintings and Stone Henge drawings as well as painted their Stone Age jewellery.  They really enjoyed making axes and large mammoth tusks.

In assembly today, Mr Riley talked to the children about the Great Bird Watch, which is taking place in the coming week, run by the RSPB.  Please send in any photos - or drawings - you have taken of birds you have spotted; we would love to see them.

Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Wednesday 26th January

Maths - Your task today is to continue with yesterday's learning on dividing a two-digit number by a one-digit number.  Your activity can be found in the files section.  To improve your skills on times tables and division, you will find fun activities on the following websites:

Remember, there are lots of revision maths activities in the files to download section, as well as fun maths games.

Reading: Use this opportunity whilst you are at home to read for pleasure.  You can also go onto the Oxford Owl reading website, using your log in.

Wednesday, 26th January

Good morning.  I hope you managed to complete some of the activities set yesterday and that you are feeling more confident with multiplying a 2-digit by a 1-digit.  Here are some activities for today:


Today, in English, we are looking at prefixes.  As you know, a prefix is added to the beginning of a word to form another word.

Your task today is to look at the table of prefixes (in the files to download section) and investigate which prefixes can be added to which words by sorting the cards under the correct headings. It would be useful to have a dictionary to support you with your understanding of new or unfamiliar vocabulary. 

What do you notice about how the prefix changes the word?

Can you think of any rules for adding the prefixes to particular words?

A maths activity will follow shortly.

Burns Night - 25th January

Today, celebrates the birthday of the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns.  You can find lots of fun activities to celebrate this day on the following website. If you would like to share your activities, please send them to the class email address as we would love to see them.


Tuesday, 25th January - Grammar activity to support today's English lesson - To use the correct punctuation for speech

In English today, you will be writing dialogue using the correct punctuation for speech.  It would therefore be advisable to watch this video and complete the four activities on the website before starting the English lesson.

English lesson - Tuesday, 25th January

Starter: To generate a list of adverbs for speech, eg, quietly, softly, in a whisper, in a nervous voice, angrily.   CAN YOU AND YOUR HELPER CREATE AN A-Z OF ADVERBS FOR SPEECH?  I'D LOVE TO SEE IT AND SHARE IT WITH THE CLASS, IF YOU CAN.

English lesson objective:  To write a dialogue using the correct punctuation for speech.

  1. Look at the picture (in the 'files' section) from Stone Age Boy, showing the two children meeting for the first time.  Do you think the girl has met a boy like him before?  Do you think he has met a girl like her before?  What differences will they notice?  Discuss with your helper the characters' thoughts, feelings and what you think they may say to each other.
  2. You could carry out role play with your helper to bring the characters to life.  Try to use the adverbs from your starter activity in your speech and use present and past tense, correctly.
  3. Now, using your knowledge on speech punctuation and the speech sandwich structure below, as a model, can you write some dialogue between the two children?  

Speech sandwich structure:  

A speaks                                  "Hey, who are you?" asked the girl curiously.

A does something                   She stopped walking and stared intensely.

B does something                   The boy stared back and leaned forward.

B speaks                                   "My name is Alex," he replied in a nervous voice.

The above structure would be written like this:

"Hey, who are you?" asked the girl curiously.  She stopped walking and stared intensely at the boy. 

The boy stared back and leaned forward. "My name is Alex," he replied in a nervous voice.


Tuesday, 25th January

Good morning, Year 3.  For the children who are at home, due to illness or isolating, I hope you will soon be feeling better and that it won't be long until you return to school and be with your friends again.

If you have been able to have a go at the work I have set for the last few days, I hope you managed to complete it.  However, if you struggled, I hope the teaching videos helped you.  

Today's Maths

Today, we are moving on from multiplying a two-digit number by a one-digit number and we are now learning how to divide a two-digit by a one-digit.  See the link for the teaching video.  The activity for this lesson can be found in the 'files' document below, labelled, 'Divide two digits by one digit lesson 1'.

I have also uploaded two home booklets to support your learning on multiplication and division, labelled, 'White Rose Autumn Block 3 multiplication and division' and 'White Rose Spring Block 1'.  In addition, I have uploaded revision booklets on place value and addition and subtraction, from your Autumn term learning.  Fun maths games have also been uploaded.

Other activities for today's learning will follow shortly.

Year 3 Friday Round-Up 21/1/22

This week has been rather different in Year 3! Unfortunately, Mrs Edwards is poorly and will be off sick for a few weeks at least.

Both Mrs Evans and Mrs Porter have done a fantastic job in making sure that the children's learning and their enjoyment of school hasn't been affected.

In maths, the children have been working on their 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication (including needing exchanges). In English, they have been composing a story setting using superlative and comparative adjectives. Y3 have enjoyed starting their study of the text, 'Stone Age Boy'. 

Both teachers have been impressed with the children's efforts and attitude. Guided reading has continued as normal, and Mrs Porter has commented how much she has enjoyed reading with the children and getting to know them. Please ensure your child is reading every night and practising their times tables.

Both Mrs Porter and Mrs Evans will continue to teach Y3 in Mrs Edwards' absence.

We all wish Mrs Edwards a speedy recovery. 

Thank you and kind regards, 

Adam Khan - Headteacher

Wednesday, 19th January, 2022

For those of you who are currently isolating but are feeling well enough, here are some activities you can complete at home.


In maths this week, we are learning how to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number.  Here are the video links for Thursday's and Friday's maths lessons.  The worksheet for Friday's activity can be found in the orange box at the bottom of this page labelled, "files".

A good website to practise all your maths skills is


In English, our reading and writing will be based around the 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura and 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. 

The grammar activity for Thursday and Friday is to consider the effect comparative adjectives (+er) and superlative adjectives (est) can have on the reader.  Examples of comparative and superlative adjectives are:  brighter - brightest; longer - longest; taller - tallest. 

You will find an activity in the 'files' section to help you acquire a better understanding of comparative and superlative adjectives.

Friday's English lesson will be to write a setting description using comparative and superlative adjectives.  You can write a description of your favourite place: your home; your bedroom; your favourite park; maybe a favourite theme park.  An example could be, My favourite park has the tallest slide.  It is taller than .......

There are further links below and files to download for more activities. 

Hope to see you back in school very soon. 


If you are isolating and you are well enough please complete the column addition and subtraction calculations under 'files to download'. We are re-visiting these to keep us slick and quick!

I have uploaded the modelled write for the next section of Marcel's diary in 'files to download'.  If you are able, you could write the next section where the boys go back and explore the cave. Remember to paint a picture in the reader's mind and include lots of detail.

Here are the links to the cave to give you some inspiration!


Happy New Year to you all!

It has been lovely to be back in school with the children. I’m sorry that some of you are still unwell. Hopefully we will all be together again soon!

This week the children have travelled back in time to the Stone Age! They have been making artefacts, including jewellery made out of salt dough and cave paintings.

In English, they have written a diary extract inspired by the wonderful discovery in the caves of Lascaux. They have been on a virtual tour of the cave and have pretended that they were the boy who discovered the treasure inside!

In maths, they have been looking at some Stone Age markings to determine if they are an example of early counting. Their thoughts and ideas have been brilliant! They have also practised their 4 x table in readiness for next week.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Paula Edwards

Introduction to the Stone Age. Please click on the link below.

Choose one of the extinct animals in the video. What can you find out about it?

More about the Stone Age. Please click the link below.

Maths challenge! Stone Age counting - what do you think?

Stone Age Art Activity 

Look under 'files to download' for a powerpoint on Stone Age Art - can you create your own picture? Maybe you'd like to create a 'cave' with a blanket and a table so that you can create your artwork inside it? 

How to create Stone Age jewellery  (shape times shape link)



Don't forget the link below to practise getting super speedy with the four operations! 

Please practise your times tables daily. Get slick and quick! In year 3 we need to know our 2,5,10,3,4 and 8 x table and division facts.

Times tables support :

Espresso link :

HERE is a link for some great spelling games,activities and downloads.

password. paradise

login. student7161

My Happy Mind

There is a 'My Happy Mind' diary and a 'Positivity Colouring pack' under 'files to download' to support your child with their mental well being should your child wish to complete any of the activities. In class we have been enjoying learning to find our 'happy place' - a place where we feel calm and safe and happy. In our minds we transport ourselves there to find tranquility. There are some 'mindfulness challenges' too - see 'files to download'

Being Active

There are also some links to ways to keep active under 'files to download' in 'Active Home Learning.' Keep on moving and have some fun! 

Investigative maths

If your child enjoys the investigative side of maths there are some challenges that can be found under 'Maths Puzzles and Problems.'


There are some 'Talk 4 Writing' activities that your child may like to do.

There are some 'Arty Maths' actvities to try as well if you would like to. They can be found under Files to download

There are some maths games that you can play with a pack of cards. If you would like to try these they can be found under files to download


Fun grammar activites HERE

Art and Nature

Have a go at some art work using nature to inspire you! Check out the Andy Goldsworthy powerpoint under files to download

How to draw a blue whale here


Fun geography ideas here  

More geography  here

Mindfulness here

Espresso here (Account: student 7161 password : paradise) 

Please do not forget in these uncertain times about the app MyHappyMind.If you download the app children can have access to happy breathing which we have been doing in class sessions.

There are also other links


Don`t forget to have a look at the Wellbeing page as well 

HERE is a link for some fantastic learning while having fun.Everything form English to Maths,History,Geography and much more.



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Helsby Hillside Primary School Helsby Hillside Primary School Logo

Bates Lane, Helsby, Frodsham WA6 9LN

Headteacher: Adam Khan

School Contacts: Mrs Julie Ellis, Mrs S Tregilgas & Mrs C Williams

01928 722991