Year 3 2020 - 2021

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Monday 12th July

Choose a 'Change Challenge' - see 'files to download'


Count money pence - see link below. Work sheet in 'files to download'

Friday 9th July


Look at the PowerPoint 'The Tomb of Tutankhamun' and use it to inspire you to write a diary extract in the role of Howard Carter! 

Watch this link to inspire you further!


Look at resource pages 2a and 2b under 'Ancient Egytians' in 'files to download' - can you play the game and create a poster? Have fun! 

Friday 9th July

Maths 'Months and Years'

Maths to re-visit and practise

Maths link (Recap of o'clock and half past):

Maths link (quarter to and quarter past):

Maths worksheets can be found in 'files to download'



The children have worked their socks off this week completing their end of year assessments. They are brilliant and should feel very proud of themselves.

Once our assessments were done we began to plan and design our bags. The children's ideas and prototypes show flair and individuality. We certainly have some budding designers in our midst! 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Edwards : )

Here is the mummification video :

Maths - check out the 'More Maths' activities in 'files to download'

Please try out the spellings on 'Plurals PowerPoint' in 'files to download'.

Please practise a mixture of times tables using the link below : ) 

Here is the link to our 8 times tables song too!

Spellings - please complete the sheet provided to revise the spelling rule 'change the y to an i and add es' then have a go at the 'Plurals PowerPoint' in 'files to download' - can you apply the correct plural ending for all of the words? 


Maths strategies reminders :

Column addition here

Column subraction here

Here is a rap to help you remember the rules from our poster in the classroom!

Formal multiplication here

Maths daily 10 - link below. Here is the site that we use for our daily challenge. This is a good site to practise times tables, addition, subtraction and division. Ideally the children could use it for 10 minutes a day to practise their skills.

Maths 'homework!'

Please practise your times tables daily. Get slick and quick! In year 3 we need to know our 2,5,10,3,4 and 8 x table and division facts.

Times tables support :

TT Rockstars

Multiplication tables activity pack under 'files to download.'


Please encourage your child to read daily and write two reading comments in their diary over the week like they usually do. There are some 60 second comprehension tasks for your child to complete under 'files to download.' We have been practising the skill of reading and retrieving answers to questions from the text. Some of the children have found this quite challenging. We have looked for the key word/words in the question, the children then skim and scan the text and put their finger on the key word/words, next they read before and after the key word/words to find the answer. Some children find it useful to highlight or underline the answers too. They can complete the tasks in their homework books. There are some more reading comprehensions under 'files to download' which are differentiated according to the stars - 1 star being the easiest and 3 stars being the most challenging.

More 60 second reading challenges  here

Reading inference powerpoint here

Outdoor Learning Activities : -

Outdoor learning ideas

Outdoor learning - take a walk around outside. How many parallel and perpendicular lines can you spot?

Outdoor learning - Try out a 'micro journey' - see 'files to download' 

Outdoor learning - Can you create a 'living book' ?- see 'files to download'

Outdoor Learning - 'Cloud Gazing' - see 'files to download'

Outdoor learning- Create a 'Nature Photo Frame' - get outside in the frost and create a photo frame - see 'files to download'

Outdoor learning - Become an archaelogist! - see 'Can you dig it?!' in 'files to download' : )

Outdoor learning - hunt for 'frost shadows' -

Outdoor Learning - go outside and bathe in nature!

Espresso link :

HERE is a link for some great spelling games,activities and downloads.

password. paradise

login. student7161

My Happy Mind


There is a 'My Happy Mind' diary and a 'Positivity Colouring pack' under 'files to download' to support your child with their mental well being should your child wish to complete any of the activities. In class we have been enjoying learning to find our 'happy place' - a place where we feel calm and safe and happy. In our minds we transport ourselves there to find tranquility. There are some 'mindfulness challenges' too - see 'files to download'

Being Active

There are also some links to ways to keep active under 'files to download' in 'Active Home Learning.' Keep on moving and have some fun! 

Investigative maths

If your child enjoys the investigative side of maths there are some challenges that can be found under 'Maths Puzzles and Problems.'


There are some 'Talk 4 Writing' activities that your child may like to do.

There are some 'Arty Maths' actvities to try as well if you would like to. They can be found under Files to download

There are some maths games that you can play with a pack of cards. If you would like to try these they can be found under files to download


Fun grammar activites HERE

Art and Nature

Have a go at some art work using nature to inspire you! Check out the Andy Goldsworthy powerpoint under files to download

How to draw a blue whale here


Fun geography ideas here  

More geography  here

Mindfulness here

Espresso here (Account: student 7161 password : paradise) 

Please do not forget in these uncertain times about the app MyHappyMind.If you download the app children can have access to happy breathing which we have been doing in class sessions.

There are also other links


Don`t forget to have a look at the Wellbeing page as well 

HERE is a link for some fantastic learning while having fun.Everything form English to Maths,History,Geography and much more.



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