FOH Newsletter 19th Oct 2020

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Christmas card orders to be in by the end of school today...

We hope you love the children’s Christmas cards we sent home last week. If you’d like to order some cards or gifts, please return the envelope to school by the end of the day today (Monday 19 October).

Simply complete the details and add cash or cheque (made payable to ‘Friends of Hillside Primary’) to the envelope provided.

Break the rules day – Friday 23 October

As the first half of term comes to a close it’s an opportunity for the children to break the rules for once! The rules to be broken are:

  1. You must wear school uniform
  2. You must wear school shoes
  3. You must wear matching socks
  4. You must not have a crazy hairstyle
  5. You must not have juice in your water bottle
    It’s 50p per rule broken or £2 for breaking all the rules. Money should be placed in an envelope or money bag, labelled ‘break the rules’ and handed into school on Friday.
    And remember – all other school rules still apply!
    Thanks again for all your support and hope you all have a fun, safe and well deserved rest this half term.

If you’d like to get involved or help in any way, contact us by joining the Friends of Hillside Facebook group and sending a message or email

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School Contacts: Mrs Julie Ellis
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