Newsletter 17th June 2019

Weekly Newsletter

17th June 2019

South Africa and Zero plastic week

Thank you for all your help and support with ‘Eco-bricks’ and our South African week.  Eloise had a fantastic (if wet) time with us and we are looking forward to develop closer links with Wynberg as we move forward.  We will keep you updated on our links and with our recycling and zero plastic initiatives.

Old Chester Road

We believe that the section of Old Chester Road near the cemetery may be closed next week which will impact on the voluntary one-way system.  Please be aware and plan for possible delays at pick up and drop off.  Thank you.

Costume for History Day - 5th July

On Friday 5th July we are celebrating History. The theme for the day is Significant Souls and all of the children are being asked to come to school dressed as a significant person from the past (no school uniform required).  Please do not feel obliged to buy outfits for one day, we welcome the creativity of homemade outfits.  We are looking forward to seeing a variety of different costumes.

By 5th July, please can your child bring to school interesting facts about the significant soul they have chosen to be.  Children in Reception and Year 1 to provide 1 fact, Year 2 and 3 to provide 2 facts and Years 3,4,5 and 6 to provide 3 facts.

Children can share their knowledge of people from the past and enjoy a day full of activities with a history theme.

Non-uniform day

Friday is non-uniform day – please see FOH letter for details.

Photo orders

A reminder that photo orders need to be returned to school by Wednesday 26th June.

Y6 £1 grow

Year 6 have been busy with their business enterprise project ‘The Pound Grow’. Thanks to a £1 investment (per child) from the Friends of Hillside, the children have set up small businesses which will hopefully raise money for the school and include a charitable donation. If you wish your child to take part, please send him/her in with their ‘Pound Grow’ spending money on Wednesday and Friday.

Lunch at the field

We are hoping (weather permitting) to enjoy lunch at the school field on Thursday this week.  Children should bring a packed lunch or one can be provided from the school kitchen (free for R, Y1, Y2 and £2.30 for KS2 children).  We hope that the children enjoy some extra time at the field!

Bank holiday 2019-20

Please note that the date of next year’s first May day bank holiday has changed from Monday 4th May to Friday 8th May 2020 to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Amended dates available on the school website.

Summer Reading Challenge

There are lots of activities and fun available at your local libraries this Summer and it’s all free! Just visit your local branch from Saturday 13 July onwards in order to take part. All you have to do is read 6 books over the summer and collect rewards along the way including bookmarks, glasses and window stickers.  This year’s Summer Reading Challenge takes place in space, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing.

The Rockets are a futuristic family living in space and they are hot on the trail of a mischievous band of aliens! The aliens have been jumping from galaxy to galaxy, helping themselves to whatever they like. Now books have mysteriously started to vanish from the Moon Library and the Rockets are on the case. With lots of help from you, the Rockets will go on a mission to try and find the missing books and introduce the aliens to the wonders of the library. There’s plenty of peril along the way, from black holes and shooting stars to the murky depths of the alien ship. Let the Space Chase begin!

If you manage to find all the books and complete the mission there’s also a certificate and medal to collect, given out at a special award ceremony.

How the Challenge works

  • Children sign up at their local library (from Saturday 13 July) and receive a Space Chase mission book
  • Children borrow and read at least six library books of their own choice during the summer, collecting special stickers (some are a bit smelly) and incentives along the way
  • Library staff and young volunteers are on hand to advise and run family-friendly activities
  • Children who complete the Summer Reading Challenge are presented with a certificate and a medal at a special award ceremony

It’s that simple – just call into your local library, from Saturday 13 July onwards, and let the adventure begin!

For all events and activities ask at your local library or go to and search for ‘Summer Reading Challenge’.


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