Newsletter 1st March 2021

Weekly Newsletter – 1 March 2021

Dear parents and carers

I hope that you were able to enjoy the lovely sunshine at the weekend! As always, I have tried to keep the weekly newsletter as brief as possible. Please try to take note of everything in the newsletter as it contains important information about the return to school next week.

School reopening: Monday 8 March

I wanted to provide you with a detailed reminder of the systems we had place in the autumn term as we will be returning to these now. I hope this will answer any questions you may have but please do not hesitate to contact school if you have any further queries.

Start and end of the day times:



Start of the Day (prompt)

End of the Day (prompt)




Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5



Year 6



We are minimising any contact between the different bubbles to try to stop the spread of any infection. In the event of a pupil or member of staff testing positive for Coronavirus, the whole bubble will be sent home to self-isolate in line with public health instructions. In this instance, daily remote learning lessons will be delivered by the teachers.

Visiting school

Visitors are not allowed in school apart from by prior appointment. Due to the small space in the office, parents and visitors will only be allowed into school in exceptional circumstances. In these exceptional cases, we will operate a one-in-one-out system with only one parent/visitor on the premises at any time. A face mask must be worn at all times. Please make all queries by phone or email which will be monitored regularly during office hours. Unfortunately, this means that we are still unable to accommodate parent helpers and volunteers in school. Any trips and visits are also suspended initially but we do hope that these will be able to start again when circumstances allow and lockdown is eased.

Essential measures

Our priorities remain to minimise the risk of passing on coronavirus and to reintroduce all pupils back into school so that they feel safe, secure and happy.

A reminder from last term of the essential measures:

  • a requirement that people who are ill stay at home – please don’t send your child if they  
    are showing symptoms of Covid-19, especially a cough. If in any doubt about whether they are well enough for school, you must remain cautious - DO NOT send your child into school. Thank you. This is important in helping us minimise the risk to other children and to staff
  • robust hand and respiratory hygiene
  • enhanced cleaning arrangements
  • active engagement with NHS Test and Trace
  • avoiding contact between different classes
  • staggering start and finish times and break and lunch times
  • arranging some classrooms with forward facing desks
  • staff maintaining distance from pupils and other staff as much as possible
    Children must be in full uniform please. Guidance states that this does not need to be washed every night. Pupils will be washing their hands more during the day so please consider appropriate uniform. Short sleeved polo shirts should be perfect. If a sweatshirt is needed, consider sleeve length and whether sleeves can be rolled up.
    What to bring
  • Pupils must not bring in unnecessary items. They only need to bring a coat, book bag or small rucksack type bag (for their reading book), a water bottle (if required) and a packed lunch (if they are not eating a school lunch).
  • Please do not send a PE bag into school. On the days when the class has PE, please can the children come in their school PE kit with joggers and a warm top too if needed. Items do not need to have the school logo but should follow our policy. This will minimise the amount of things pupils need to bring into school. They do not need to get changed.
  • If your child wants to bring a water bottle that’s fine. The children will be supervised and helped to refill these in school if needed. To help us maintain enhanced hygiene, the bottles will need to be taken home to wash every day.
  • Those children on a packed lunch can bring a lunchbox.
  • Reading at home will still be important and reading books will continue to be sent home and brought back to school. A book bag is great for this but please avoid sending in large and bulky rucksack type bags. 
    PPE and face coverings
  • Pupils should not wear face coverings or masks. If they wear one to travel to school, it should be removed before they enter the school grounds.
  • Staff must wear face coverings in all communal areas and corridors but these can be removed when teaching.
  • Parents must wear face coverings when dropping off and collecting their children.
    Pick up and drop off
  • Mr Richardson or another member of staff will be in the playground to greet you.
  • Please drop the children off at the allocated gate rather than entering the playground.
  • To help us minimise the risk and maintain social-distancing, we are continuing to stagger start and end times as well as break and lunchtimes. Please note the times. It is important that you do not arrive too early or too late and that you don’t wait around but leave promptly and maintain social-distancing. Wear a mask at all times. Thank you.
  • When picking up at ‘home time’, parents can enter the playground to wait for the teachers to dismiss the children but please do not arrive too early and please maintain social distancing. Thank you!
  • If you need to accompany your child to the classroom door, then of course you can do this but please be mindful of social distancing rules.
  • Parents with more than one child in school can bring and collect them all at the same time. Please use the earlier start time and the later finish time.
  • There will be no KS2 snack from the school kitchen. If you want your child to have a snack, please send them in with a healthy choice (reminder: no crisps, sweets or chocolate)
  • KS1 fruit will continue so KS1 pupils will be provided with a snack.
  • Reception pupils will also be provided with fruit and milk.
    Outside agencies (for example learning support, speech/language) and contractors
    Where any outside agencies need to work with school staff or children, this will happen remotely where possible. If an outside agency needs to come into school, measures will be in place to protect the safety of the children and the building in accordance with our risk assessments (social distancing, hygiene, etc). Peripatetic music and language teachers will return to school to support our broad and balanced curriculum offer. Again, these staff will follow all safety measures.
    Link Club
    Link club will be open again from Monday 8 March. Please liaise directly with Marie Guinness at if you require more information or would like to book a place. Link club will be maintaining the year group bubbles at all times.
    It is more important than ever that we adhere to government guidance regarding social distancing and staying safe. After dropping off or collecting your child(ren), please leave quickly and do not hang around to speak to other parents. Parents collecting more than one child should collect at the later time only and children will be ready for collection at this time. I hope this answers any questions you may have had but, if anyone has any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact school.
    Thanks very much everyone. Please take care and stay safe.
    Kind regards
    Craig Richardson, Headteacher

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